Denmark, Hovedstaden

Ekspres Vikar Aps seeks five (5) strong and flexible temporay workers (vikar) for construction works and othe manual labour in Greater Copenhagen area.The temporary work consists of manual moving of earth, wood and other construction-related goods, mainly during the daytime.We expect the following:

  • You are STRONG and in good physical shape, as the work contains lifting of goods, manual moving of earth, use of tools.
  • You can receive both written and spoken instructions in English or Danish.
  • You are effective, flexible, stable and hard working.
  • You have copy of a danish police/criminal record,
  • You have a danish working- and residence-permit if not EU citizen.
  • You have a passport (EU / no-EU).
  • You have your own safety-shooes.

The positions are temporary positions, being renewed from day to day and from week to week.

Working hours between 07.00 and 17.00 (from 0 to 37 hours pr. week).

Pay pr hour is according to local union agreement: 130,00 kr. pr hour.

Notes to applicant:The application must include a valid telephone number and email address. Please send application using this link: Send Application to: [email protected] – then we will send answers to the nominated email address.

Application must contain a resume (CV) of work for the last 6 years (2012-2018).

NOTĂ: Site-ul nu este agentie de recrutare si nu intermediază angajarea pentru posturile vacante publicate în anunturile cu locuri de muncă. Persoanele interesate pot contacta în mod direct angajatorii, la adresele de contact care apar în cuprinsul anuntului.

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