Finland, Helsinki-Uusimaa

O.M.B is a place for people to experience a dynamic & exciting atmosphere whilst enjoying fantastic food & drink. It’s the perfect combination of attitude, music, food, atmosphere & community.

We are now building our team and searching for a Chef who can help us realise our dream. The Chef we are looking for has a unique personality, is a team player and has the skills to manage a busy kitchen.

The official title of the position is ‘Kitchen Manager’ so the Chef that we hire will be expected to work closely with the owners and manager to develop our menu, train the other staff to execute the recipes as effectively as possible, and manage the kitchen efficiently; being responsible for stock takes, ordering & ensuring health & safety requirements are exceeded. Our team will be international so English language skills are essential.

Our kitchen is open to public view and all duties will be shared so there is no hiding behind the cooker or cash register, we want a great team spirit and all of our staff will interact with customers (including the Chef) to help create a communal atmosphere.

We’re promoting a lifestyle here! – Full-Time & Part-Time positions available – Hygiene Passport Required – Alcohol Passport Required – Salary to be negotiated If you think you’re the kind of person we are looking for and want to be a part of something new and exciting, then please contact us immediately.

Positions will be filled as soon as we find the right people! For more information: Facebook: O.M.B Porvoo Instagram: @ombporvoo How to apply? Send an email to the address below; tell us a bit about yourself, try to get your personality across as well as your skills. Attaching a CV is a plus.

Leave your contact details and you will be contacted if you make it to the interview stage. David Jones Manager @ O.M.B Email: [email protected] Tel: +358 44 024 0784

NOTĂ: Site-ul nu este agentie de recrutare si nu intermediază angajarea pentru posturile vacante publicate în anunturile cu locuri de muncă. Persoanele interesate pot contacta în mod direct angajatorii, la adresele de contact care apar în cuprinsul anuntului.

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