Ati vazut in articolul de mai jos ca Tiganii români fac proteste antidiscriminare în Norvegia . Si individul de care vorbim probabil a fost acolo deoarece este un membru marcant. Practic, „Folk er folk” l-a promovat intr-un fel sau altul. Faza e ca ieri, pe pagina de Facebook a ONG-ului, tiganu’ anunta ca isi da demisia. Cam mare coincidenta, deoarece asta s-a intamplat parca ori in ziua cand au fost protestele, ori a doua zi.

I have considered that I have to inform the members and sympathizers of the Folk er Folk organization through the media that I wish to leave this organization for good. The main reasons which led to my LEAVING THE ORGANIZATION are related to some projects and problems which have appeared regarding the measures suggested by me within this organization and therefore led me to the conclusion that I am no longer useful for this organization. In time, my authority was set aside while another thing that makes me sad is that I wished to comply with some managerial rights related to the statute of an organization and to be a legal part of the management of this organization. However, all of these have led to small internal problems within the organization. Consequently, I am informning you that I shall establish another organization focused on fields such as Romani politics, information, education, culture and tradition.
Consequently, within maximum 2 months I shall establish a new organization directly focused on the Romani ethnicity.
I wish to thank all members of the Folk er Folk organization who have morally and financially contributed to the material and financial support of the Folk er Folk project.
Nicolae Stoica

tel. 91261804



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